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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

6000 is number of Pedophile Priests in U.S. Catholic Church since 1950. Found so far. And still counting

By Kay Ebeling

"This year the number will go over 6,000," Terry McKiernan, president of Bishop Accountability in Boston, emailed early this month. After we posted The Public Has a Right to Know how Six Thousand Priests Got Away with Pedophilia Jan. 2, people questioned me as to where I got the number.

"Counted, not identified," McKiernan clarified. "Last year the bishops released a count for 2008 that, added to previous counts, totals 5,600 accused."

McKiernan continued: "Dioceses with fuller disclosure seem to show that about 10% of priests working after 1950 have been accused of abuse.

"If that percentage is true nationwide, there are 10,000 accused priests."

In this video McKiernan explains how just one Archdiocese manages to still cover up these crimes and what the nonprofit in Boston plans to do about it:

"Our database contains 3,016 names, of whom 19 are bishops," McKiernan added.


The sources for these numbers are The Nature and Scope of the Problem of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Priests and Deacons, by Karen Terry et al., prepared by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice (Washington DC: USCCB, 2004). "The U.S. bishops have reported receiving allegations of abuse by 5,600 priests in 1950-2008, or 5.1% of the 109,694 U.S. priests active since 1950. According to At A Glance 2008 at the Boston group's site.


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All through the hiatus, I am supposed to keep my mind off this topic for 30 days starting Dec. 15, but I keep wanting to post so keep posting, with announcements, We Will Be Back on January 15th. Then Jan. 14 rolls around and my computer modem dies. So here we go, folks, back on January 16th, stories coming in a matter of minutes or days.

From now on it's going to just be organic, posts will come as posts come, because as Swami Satchidananda used to say:

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Meanwhile: Trial coming up in Central California:
(Running several paragraphs here as it is really hard to link to the Monterey Herald website, which I find mysterious, since Central California is the birthplace of the public Internet... )

Salinas priest asks court to suppress evidence in molestation case
Says hard drive taken illegally

Herald Salinas Bureau

A Salinas priest accused of molesting a teenage parishioner was in court Thursday (January 7, 2010), where his attorney began an effort to suppress child-pornography evidence in the case. Lawyer Eugene Martinez maintains Salinas police illegally seized an external hard drive from the Rev. Antonio Cortes' church office when their search warrant was written for his home.

Cortes, who is suspended from his duties as pastor of St. Mary of the Nativity Church in Salinas, is accused of engaging in sodomy with a 16-year-old boy in the rectory of the church April 14, then providing him alcohol. The boy told police that Cortes was giving him "spiritual massages" and alcohol for a few years, beginning at Holy Trinity Church in Greenfield, where Cortes was previously assigned.

On April 16, armed with a search warrant for the rectory at 1747 Second Ave., police seized a laptop computer and two external hard drives from Cortes' living quarters. According to testimony at the preliminary hearing, police found "tens of thousands" of images and videos depicting boys as young as 6 years old engaged in sexual activity. ...

More on Cortes case from: KION Central Coast News

"Nearly a dozen police officers and detectives involved in the search warrant served to Cortes are being called by defense lawyers Martinez and Miguel Hernandez.

"Villegas testified that he and Sgt. Don Cline had gone to the church office April 16 and subsequently arrested Cortes. Cortes was in his office sitting beside a desk at the time. As he moved to handcuff the defendant, he said, Cortes reached for a cell phone on his desk. Villegas said he grabbed the cell phone before Cortes could take it. He testified that Cortes affirmed that the cell phone and laptop belonged to him. Villegas said he took Cortes outside to an unmarked police vehicle while Cline remained in the office ...

More to come... soon

Further testimony in Antonio Cortes case in Salinas February 4th..


Of course we are celebrating:

Repressed Memory Scoffers lose in Shanley Case, Boston

Former Catholic priest’s bid for new trial rejected
By John R. Ellement Globe Staff
January 16, 2010
The state’s high court yesterday upheld the sexual assault convictions of former Roman Catholic priest Paul M. Shanley, who claimed he was wrongly accused by a man who fabricated memories of being abused as a child. Shanley was a key figure in the ...

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Just wish people would stop to think-
the experience must have been
for us as children
to have had to suppress it in the first place.


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