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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Public Has a Right to Know how Six Thousand Priests Got Away with Pedophilia

(The Forum in Chicago has some real reporting on the pedophile priest epidemic in that city. Here is link to Sins of the Father Part II published yesterday. City of Angels Lady has to drop in from her tropical island resort hotel vacation [yeah, right] to respond to the Sins of the Father series, and encourage The Forum to go on from Parts 1 and 2 to Part 222 and farther, to get the whole story told. Note this post is at our new 2010 address: City of Angels 8. Even though we are on a break until the 15th, I keep being compelled to post. Here is email to The Forum in Chicago reprinted below:)

The Church turned at least six thousand pedophile priests loose on the population in the USA alone since 1950. Hundreds of thousands of American parish children were raped as a result. Yet the enormity of the crimes has somehow not gotten through to people.

The public has a right to know how one organization with as much influence as the Catholic Church can have so much criminal activity taking place among its employees and on its grounds for more than fifty years.

Thanks for the excellent reporting in the Forum series Sins of the Father. These Two Articles have been among the best I've seen written in several years. THANK YOU for not just going to nonprofit spokesmen for quotes to do stories about pedophile priests, as most reporters do. Instead you dug and did real reporting, talking to the victims.

Please don't stop here.

Start with my priest, Thomas Barry Horne who founded St. Peter Damian church outside Chicago in 1949. There are signs of conspiracy and networking in these crimes, I've seen it often in three years of reporting on them. That is why the Church almost always settles before trial, to keep from having to release documents, as you reported. Good job.

So please keep digging, keep reporting, there is a Pulitzer Prize worth of material here if you keep researching. I'm a sick old lady in LA trying to get the story out with one small blog I write for free from home. I wish more real reporters would jump on this, and uncover the crimes in the church hierarchy that allowed this epidemic to go on.

I'm a victim from Chicago raped by Fr. Thomas B. Horne there 1953-54 in Bartlett. Now I'm a journalist who writes on this topic from L.A. My blog on pedophile priest crimes is City of Angels Network at with more stories coming, starting Jan. 15. Stories from 2009 at City of Angels are at

Please keep researching and writing on Chicago's role in this international child sex crime spree.

I hope there will be a Parts 10-12- and on to a 100 here at the Forum on pedophile priests, because there is enough material here, really. Keep digging.

Another source, in case you didn't already find it, is where every news article ever written on the topic is in the database, plus you can start from A to Z and read about the six thousand (6000!) pedophile priests identified so far in the U.S. Catholic Church.

And 6000 is just from this country, there's still Ireland Australia Poland France Haiti Africa...


Now back to keeping my mind off this topic for one month ... now back to the day trip at this tropical island, shampooing my rugs... At Least Fox Didn't Go Off The Air New Years Eve, as if it would matter to anyone but the people selling Fox executives their new yachts...

Happy New Year, everyone, My resolution is to stop getting so mad about everything all the time, and a good way is to drink one half as much coffee as I used to... So if you see me with a Starbucks cup in my hand, grab it and pour it out onto the nice new rugs at the luxurious tropical hotel where I am staying.....

Just now realized I should have put 2010 at City of Angels 10, but it won't matter in a few weeks as no one gets excited about a new year after the first week or so...

Kay, go back on hiatus...


Tony de New York said...


I ask:
Where r your sources for the 'six thousand'?

hrh said...

Kay, go back on could use the rest!

city of angels lady said...

Source is six thousand, you can go there and start from A and read about each one. And I know you are not the real HRH as he would never post a comment so nasty... go back to the bar, Tony.

Anonymous said...

i thought there were 11,000 alleged priest perps in US..
and these arent all of them..
as they don't include the priests who molested and or raped adults..
I think the public has the right to know that 6,000 i probably a low estimate.. since the majority of vicitms have not told the truth yet.

Anonymous said...

Tony you're right, the number is probably higher than 6000. But when there are so many pedophiles and so few people trying to keep track of them, it's difficult.

Of course, while it is difficult to believe that anyone could possibly be so ignorant, so uninformed or so dishonest about the obvious organized mass serial child raping committed by the RCC.... that you could have actually been DENYING that there ARE at least 6000 boy lovin butt pirate princes of the church masquerading as men of God.

Hard to believe that is, unless... you are one of them, or.. you are sympathetic to them, or.. you believe in your goddess so strongly that you don't mind sacrificing kids to her. Then it wouldn't be hard to believe at all. Then it would make perfect sense.

Kay, I hope you had a great holiday. We love you.