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I was age five when the bishop stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what the priest did to you." Then, forty years later... I started babbling.
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sexual Autobiography notes

"Detective McGraw submitted a document the defendant pre

a straining out of those who were not suitable. senior class had thirty members, freshman class a hundred.\\

not accepted in choir
not accepted as an altar boy

praying to stop a wet dream

5 foot 1, 105 pounds as a freshman

Retreat with Carl Rogers - a whole new way of relating

Van Handel was treated at the St. Luke Institute in Suitland, Md., from May 1992 until June 1993. His family hired a lawyer to represent him after provincial officials said they could not afford to hire legal representation because of the expenses they incurred in paying for therapy for victims and their families

Curious that this is nearly the exact same activity I would perform ten to fifteen years later

Says around 1971 he did try twice to get help from a "Franciscan counsellor" who deflected him. As soon as he mentioned an attraction to little boys, the counsellor acted like Van Handel meant he wished he had more time for other work, like with the elderly... then changed the subject, "So how is your master's thesis going."

Wanted to study education in SF to be an elem school teacher, but Friars made him obey and go to St. Anthony's as they needed a teacher. VH did not like the way Anthony's being run...did not want to go... (His version)

For Boys Choir "recruited boys from area churches and schools." "separated myself from the other Franciscans"

ME: As he describes telling special (good singer) boys they would have to spend time in rehearsals alone with him, I remembered that excited feeling, where the perp picks you out of a crowd, that subtle eye contact, that heart upbeat in my chest, the sensation between the legs so new to a little girl. I remembered the feeling but now reading a perp priest describe how he did it, causes me to be re-positioned. Maybe finally I will stop...

SafeNet says in 2006 that VH now

lives in Santa Cruz

SOURCE: These were public documents at one time or another.
This is the sexual autobiography. You can see the cyclical nature of this stuff. Van handel is abused in the school infirmary, and years later participates in abuse in the infirmary again when he becomes an adult and a perp (remember the current case where the student was called down to the infirmary and is greeted by Van Handel telling him he's there for a medical exam by another friar who then proceeded to fondle and digitally penetrate the student?).


Background from 2009 at City of Angels:

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Franciscan grabbed the freshman by the testicles and instructed the boy to cough as if it were a hernia exam. Just another day of Seminary Life.
.Franciscan friars with no medical training tested boys for "undescended testacles" at St. Anthony's high school seminary in the 1960s and '70s, as revealed in a new lawsuit filed in Santa Barbara last month and reported here in Part 4 of the Santa Barbara Story November 2009 here at City of Angels. Soon after the testicle exam, an assault by a group of unruly Franciscan friars fills out the plaintiff's first year of high school, apparently just another part of life at the seminary. The legal documents in pedophile priest rape episodes again speak for themselves. Here are more direct quotes from: First Amended Complaint for Damages and Relief, Case Number 1338070 filed in Santa Barbara Superior Court November 3, 2009. Assault During a Physical Exam in the School Infirmary, from First Amended Complaint Case #1338070: "Although initially thrilled to be so far away from his abusive home, the situation for Plaintiff at St. Anthony’s degenerated quickly. Specifically, within a month or two of school starting Plaintiff was called to the infirmary. Upon arriving Plaintiff observed notorious perpetrator Father Robert Van Handel sitting near an infirmary bed, along with another Franciscan he did not recognize. Van Handel then informed Plaintiff he was there 'for a check-up.

"While working at the closed seminary between 1990 and 1994, I also lived on the property. I lived in the Casa with Van Handel. Van Handel's bedroom was next to the living room. Van Handel, the woman and myself would always socialize in the living room during her visits. Van Handel was the first to leave the living room and enter his bedroom. A short while later, Van Handel would call her to enter the room where he waited for her. It was at this time that she would walk into that room and close the door behind her.

You know what was strange about the door to that room? Whenever Van Handel would leave town on a trip somewhere, he would put a tiny padlock on the door so nobody would enter. It was like one of those tiny locks that people put on their luggage

From Megan's Law Website:

Robert Van Handel

Last Known Address:

Zip Code: 95006
Date of Birth: 04-02-1947
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 173
Eye Color: GREEN
Hair Color: GRAY
Ethnicity: WHITE

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