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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Church using same sound byte for 20 years, responding to allegations of pedophile priests

By Kay Ebeling

Yesterday Boston bishops responded to news that predator priests went back and forth between Ireland and the United States saying the Archdiocese is "not aware of accusations," plus "religious order priests are not the responsibility of the Archdiocese." Those words sound familiar. They are the same phrases every archdiocese, diocese, and religious order has used since 1992 in response to pedophile priest accusations: "We didn't know it was going on and besides, it's those guys over there that did it, not us." You'd think the Church would learn.

As the truth about the Pedophile Epidemic in the Catholic Church continues to emerge, it's amazing to watch the bishops continue to think the public only reads Church press releases, not the truth.

From reports today: The Boston Archdiocese said it was "not aware of any accusations having been made against the priests from Ireland." Terrence Donilon, Boston Archdiocese spokesman, said January 27, 2009, that the archdiocese was "not in a position to comment on an investigation involving a religious order priest."

News Stories about the Boston-Ireland Pedophile Priest Passageway here:

Archdiocese admits tie to 3 in Irish scandal
Boston Globe
By Milton J. Valencia Globe Staff /
January 28, 2010
The Catholic Archdiocese of Boston has announced that three Irish priests accused of sexually molesting children had at one point worked in Massachusetts, tying the local church to the sex abuse scandal roiling Ireland.

and HERE:

Boston Archdiocese Releases More Information On Abusive Priests
Published January 27, 2010
BOSTON — The Boston Archdiocese is releasing more information about three abusive priests with ties to Ireland who worked in Boston. The archdiocese says the three men were never accused of abuse before or while they worked here.

Boston Archdiocese admits Irish sex abuse priests worked in its parishes
Irish Central
The Boston Archdiocese has admitted for the first time that Irish sex abuse priests worked in its diocese.
The priests, named as Brendan Smyth, Dennis Murphy and Joseph Maguire, were transferred from Ireland to the U.S. in what critics say was little more than an attempt to insulate the priests from scrutiny and possible prosecution....

City of Angels Lady is once again buried in raw reality video at her "paid job" so more extensive posts to come as the work flow ebbs again...

Confirmed: Priests accused of abuse in Ireland spent time in Boston
[with video]
(NECN: Ally Donnelly, Boston, Mass.) - Officials with the Boston Archdiocese say three Irish priests accused of sexually abusing children had served within the Archdiocese. Victims advocates say the church is not living up to its promise to be more transparent.

(think this headline size looks better?)

I highly recommend survivors get blogs, start one out of every city, then go to Court, get the documents from cases in your town, and scan them and post them like I do.

It's all public information when it's in the Courthouse archives, it belongs to us, but we have to put in an effort to get them.

Docs at LA Superior Court cost fifty cents a page, please click our PayPal button.

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