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Sunday, October 24, 2010

James Beine reported to be former priest convicted of exposure, when it's multiple allegations of child abuse

Here is the history of James Beine per Bishop Accountability:

Summary of Case: Beine was removed from ministry in 1977 due to allegations that he had sexually abused children. He went on to run a "youth hostel" from his home, and to work in St. Louis public schools as a counselor and teacher. He also claimed to be a bishop of the Old Catholic Church. He is known to have had a position as a priest/teacher 1979-1980 at a Catholic School in WV. Beine was convicted in 2002 of sexual misconduct involving a child by indecent exposure and was sent to prison. He was convicted in March 2003 of possession of child pornography. That conviction was overturned later that year. The indecent exposure conviction was overturned in April 2005, and Beine was released from prison. By then the St. Louis Circuit Attorney's office had received at least 36 complaints of child sexual abuse by Beine dating from his time in the priesthood. He was defrocked by the Vatican in March 2005. Beine moved to Las Vegas, NV after his release from prison. He has also gone by the name Mar James.

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