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Sunday, October 31, 2010

City of Angels Moving to CofA11 same time we travel to Albuquerque

At the same time we take City of Angels on the road, we are moving the blog to City of Angels 11 around November 9th. The original plan was to move to in 2011.

Then behind the scenes- AGAIN- we are having trouble with Google, the entity that maintains Blogspot. Things just don't work on this one blog City of Angels 2010. Things that I need to run CofA work on all the other blogs, CofA 1-30, but suddenly just won't work at this one site.

So I've changed my passwords and instead of waiting for January, we are starting 2011 early and moving to City of Angels 11 at the same time we take City of Angels on the road.

So watch for new links on CofA posts after November 9, 2010 as we move forward to 2011 two months early.

Why Not?

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