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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Get Real at Age 100 about Flying Nun

Mother Teresa is 100 today, time to take a closer look at this media savvy fundraising nun's work.
Per Forbes India: Followers and volunteers feel the Missionaries’ care centres are allergic to using modern-day therapy and technology to care for the inhabitants. Often untrained volunteers are given tasks that would normally require one to be trained in medicine and therapy. Missionaries (of Charity) has always kept change at bay. But in a world where it is very difficult to hide behind secrecy, the number of disillusioned followers is increasing. Missionaries doesn’t keep a tab on the financial transactions that take place. No one other than the sisters knows where the money that is donated is spent. Donations continue to pour in but people are asking for transparency on how the money is used.

(Read entire article from Forbes India Aug. 8, 2010: Mother Teresa’s Legacy is Under a Cloud - "Mother Teresa’s legacy of compassion finds itself under a very critical public scanner today."

At Facebook: "STOP The Missionaries of Charity" say Patients at the home of the dying in Kalighat lay motionless for hours on end; the nuns refuse to allow any entertainment or wellness programs. To learn more and speak up about the negligence and financial fraud of this organization please visit STOP The Missionaries of Charity by Hemley Gonzalez
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1 comment:

city of angels lady said...

MM writes:

"Mommy" T and her nunchkins practice criminal Munchausen by Proxy
psychosis -- secretly inducing or worsening disease in others in order
to play act as their "sainted rescuers" for fame. fortune, pity and
"sainthood" in the S&M Catholic Church. I am the disfigured survivor
of such a sex-hating Catholic Munchausen by Proxy anti-abortion
mother. My "sainted" mom opposed and sabotaged my surgical recovery
also. I started writing a book on Catholic-mandated Munchausen by
Proxy abuse in families, orphanages, "charity hospitals", Nazi death
camps, CIA projects, etc. This is the flip side of sexual abuse by
sex haters that SNAP ignores.

-- Heil Mary