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Monday, November 29, 2010

Comparing self to Jesus, Another Pedophile Priest Proclaims Innocence from Prison

From Joey Piscitelli on AlterNet :
(Edited by KE)

The recent statement made by Fr. Patrick McCabe from Santa Rita prison, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do," is a quote from the Bible, made by Jesus Christ, about his persecutors. Other serial rapist clergy have also made this same statement, comparing themselves to God himself. They are implying that they are as holy as Jesus Christ and they are being persecuted by wrongdoers, and they are martyrs themselves....

This is unfortunately typical behavior for sociopath clergy in the Catholic Church, and is a byproduct of several decades of unpunished acts of rape, sodomy, sex abuse, molestation and cover-ups by the thousands of predecessors and companions of McCabe, who were trained by the Roman Catholic Church to believe they are above the law, and immune to prosecution, and that innocent children were deservedly prime targets for their depraved behavior.

The thought of facing justice now seems impossible to McCabe. He claims he has diabetes, and the authorities are seeking to prosecute him, without regard for his health. But what about his victims? What was McCabe thinking when he molested and violated countless innocent children?

Where was his diabetes then?

Fr. Patrick McCabe was transferred from Ireland directly to the Servants of the Paraclete rehabilitation center in the USA, after complaints were made against him, for being a sex offender. That would mean his superiors in the Roman Catholic Church knew he was a sex offender, and so did Patrick McCabe. As is typical for the Catholic hierarchy, they willfully, and intentionally transferred the serial abuser to a parish in California, knowing full well he was a threat to children. He was “dumped” on the unsuspecting parish of St. Bernards’ in Eureka, and after complaints were made there, he was dumped on the unsuspecting parish in Guerneville, and elsewhere. This criminal behavior, and the act of aiding and abetting serial child sex offenders and child rapists has occurred countless times in the Catholic Church throughout the world

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