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Monday, July 5, 2010

Notes While Reading Deposition of Roger Mahony

Around page 146 of transcript, Manly queries why the story of the illegal alien victims who went back to Mexico is nowhere in the "Report to the People of God" released in 2004. When Mahony's asked why not call police, his laywers object,
It's argumentative and it's offensive." Manly says, "Yeah, especially if you were molested by Father Baker." Where did Baker get the $500,000 that he gave to one of his victims to make him go away?

Posted for loyal readers, I'm reading the deposition now, and as I find great quotes, I'll post them here, to be used later as insert quotes or things to point out in the upcoming post analyzing the Deposition of Roger Mahony. So will be adding to this post throughout the day:

Q: When you found out there was yet another allegation, did you direct your staff to notify law enforcement?
17 MR. HENNIGAN: Will you stop with it?
18 MR. MANLY: No, I won't.
19 MR. HENNIGAN: It never happened. You know it never happened. And it's an argumentative question and it's offensive.
22 MR. MANLY: Yeah, especially if you were molested by Father Baker.

p. 147: Mahony: "In this lawsuit, [Baker] himself had already put up $500,000, apparently, to make it all go away so I presumed he was guilty."
Q: Michael Baker paid several hundred thousand dollars of the Cadigan settlement, is that your recollection?
17 A Yes.
18 Q How did he get all that money, do you know?
20 A My personal opinion, the consummate con-artist, lied to everybody, manipulated everybody, including psychologists, psychiatrists, priests, Bishops, rich widows, everyone.
24 Q But he didn't manipulate the police because they didn't know, right?

MANLY: Did you ever call the police?
HENNIGAN: That's about the 23rd time 4 we've asked that question.
THE COURT: I have heard that question 6 before.
HENNIGAN: He's established that no such call was made.

Pages we will be referencing:

So Much For Pastoral Care: As we've all heard, the Archbishop say, he always approaches the matter of priests raping children from a pastoral point of view:


Q: Did the issue of reporting this to the police ever enter your mind [in 2000] when the Cadigan matter carne up?
MR. HENNIGAN: Purely argumentative.
THE WITNESS: I answered that. I told you, these were adults. They were angry. They were furious at Baker. They had an attorney that was furious at Baker. They were in a different state. seemed to me if they really wanted to get him, they would have reported it in Arizona.
Then on PAGE 176 Mahony says about those same victims:

Q So the reason you didn't tell the parishes about Michael Baker molesting children is because you were worried about a confidentiality agreement?
10 A I was worried -- not worried. I wanted to get that lawsuit settled.
12 Q Why?
13 A For the sake of these men, these victims.

P. 38
A: I don't believe one word Michael Baker says.
Q: Have you seen where Michael Baker has told the media that occurred?
A: Michael Baker has said a lot of things and I don't believe any of it.

Deconstructing the Deposition of Roger Mahony will go up in final form late tonight, and Tuesday AM on AlterNet.


Part Two takes us to the point Mahony claims to not have seen a report from Servants of the Paraclete after Baker returned from treatment for pedophilia.

Seems there were other allegations against Baker that were quietly settled, and other priests accused, even arrested, whose identity the L.A. Archdiocese is still keeping secret.

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